Saturday, October 12, 2013


I don't have my camera with me this weekend. Sorry :( So lets do some brainstorming! This is going to be a new feature I do every so often when I don't have my camera or I don't know what to blog about. So this is how it works, I will say a couple of my ideas and you comment if they are good, bad or ways to improve that idea.And get a sneak peek of whats coming up in my posts. You can also comment ways to make the blog better. And you know haw much I love comments! :)  And please remember that if you think that one of my ideas are bad tell me nicely that it isn't the best and it won't hurt my feelings. So lets begin!

  • I thought about doing a 15 followers giveaway what should be included in the give away?
  • What are ways to get more traffic?
  • I want to get more into social media, what websites should I use?
  • In about 2 weeks I'm doing a big photo shoot for the blog, do you have an idea for what doll to use?
  • I need craft ideas!

Luv Ya!

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