Thursday, July 11, 2013

Advice Column?

                          Advice Column?

Hey everyone we had an idea. What if we started an advice column. Would you like that? Comment below, we love to get comments. Until we get the new email up if you have questions email us at This is just a little something extra we were going to add to our blog on the side. Do you like the idea? If you email us with a question put in the subject bar "To Question Queen". If you haven't ever sent in one of these you might not know that you send in a name such as "nobody", "lonely" , "never been kissed" or "worried about school". If you don't want us posting your question tell us on email and we can answer through email.
Love the Luv Of Dolls Team

A letter from Question Queen

Dear readers,
Have you ever had a question that you're afraid to ask? Think it's too embarrassing, or your friends may laugh at you because they don't have that problem? I'm here and I've been through it all! Don't worry I'm sure there are tons of other girls that feel the same way. If you ask me a question you won't only help yourself, you'll help other girls struggling with the same problem. So send in your questions as soon as possible!
Question Queen