Saturday, October 12, 2013

Journey Girl Paris Fashion Set!

So we went to Toys R Us to get my niece a birthday present and I found this outfit and wanted it so my parents said I could have it! It only cost $16.99. The only problem I had with the set is that the pants didn't fit and the shoes were to narrow. But I think $17 was worth it. It comes with more than the AG sets come with. The set includes a purse, lace sweater, coral tank, jeans, shoes, headband, and a bracelet.

I decided to use Mia as my model today so here she is!

I plan on getting lots more from this company soon. I hope you enjoyed this review and when I have my camera with me I will take better pictures.

I am sorry the picture quality is so poor. I am using my webcam because I don't have my camera with me right now.

Luv Ya!

I am not affiliated with this company

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