Friday, August 22, 2014

A Vacation Photo Shoot!

I went on vacation in late July and never got the chance to post the pictures so that's what I'm spending my morning doing. :) There is around five photo shoots and some random pictures so I will upload a photo shoot and a few random pictures each day.
Today is just random pictures! :)

 I packed Saige and Kanani in this bag and had all of their clothes and accessories in the bottom.

 In the car.
 Me and the girls in the car
 Saige fell asleep while Kanani was reading Meet Rebecca to her.

 Finally at the hotel!
 The girls got comfortable in my bed and read the rest of the night.
 I got new doll underwear
 and shoes
 and a bracelet
 and a purse
 and a dress
 and pajamas

 The girls folding their clothes

 This is one of my favorite pictures but I don't know why :)
In the car

Click to watch The Big Surprise! our mini stop motion or click to watch Vacation Day 1: Shopping!.

Luv Ya! 

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