Thursday, August 21, 2014

A New Doll?!

Today my sister and I were filming an episode for our new series and we didn't have enough dolls because all of my dolls are at my dad's house other than Paige Kenlee. My mom asked if we wanted to go to lunch at Chick-fil-a which is right next to Target which sells Our Generation dolls so we  went, ate,and stopped by Target. They didn't have the best selection so we got the best there was and we are very pleased! We put what was left of my birthday (which is in December) money, all of of my sister's money($7),and what was left together and paid for her. My sister agreed to keep her in my room so she doesn't get torn up by my brother or the dog.

And here she is!
Her name is Meredith Jane Foster. We really liked the name Meredith but couldn't come up with a last name so we used the last name of the beauty guru, Meredith Foster, or StilaBabe09, on YouTube. My mom came up with the middle name because she said it sounded like an older name but it was still cute and no one had the name. :)

Tomorrow I am uploading an opening video that my sister and I made when we got her. If you would like me post the video on here so it is easier for you to get to, please tell me. :)

Luv Ya!

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  1. That's great! I really like how you named her after the Youtuber. :)

    ~ Mint