Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Dollidays Day 1!

Hello wonderful people! This kind of has to do a little bit with the Happy Dollidays posts but it is also a cool photo story. I hope you enjoy! This was suposed to be posted on Saturday but when I was finished uploading the pictures on to this post it was already 12:00 in the morning! :) 

  Paige wake up! We have dance class today
 I'm up! I'm up!
 "Ok I'm dressed," said Paige. "Um..."
"What is it Jenny? Tell me!"  "Have you looked in the mirror this morning, your hair is a mess!" asked Jenny.
" Really!!!!"
" Oh my goodness! It's craycray!!!"
" I forgot to take my hair down last night."
 "Well, this isn't any better."
 (after lots of brushing and styling)
 "Ok, now I am ready, Jenny."
" Class please quiet down"

" Ok class I have some great news! Next week we will be having a Christmas party! You can wear your sweaters and bring yummy goodies for the class and at the end of the party we will be having a gift exchange!"
" YAY!!!!!!!"
" Now please start your streches so we can quickly run through our dance."
 Here is everyone doing their own streches.
" Goodbye Have a good day!"
 "Hey Jenny do you wanna go to Luv Bucks and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte?"
" Sure, sounds like fun."
" Do you wanna come Bella?"
 "Sorry guys I have too much homework, maybe next time."
" Jenny are you sure that little cup is enough?" "Yes, I am not very thirsty."
Wow Paige must like Pumpkin Spice Lattes :)

I hope everyone enjoyed this check back next Saturay to see how their party went!

Luv Ya!

What should Paige get as gifts for the Christmas party next week?

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