Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hey guys I hope all is well for you. It definitely is for me. We are on our way home from Florida, I really like it there and we had a blast. We are sitting in the car I'm blogging and Jewel is doing an activity book.

Here are the girls

Oh I almost forgot I have a couple more things to tell you. 1. We haven't had very many questions for the Question Queen but everyone has told us its a good idea so, if you have questions send them in. If we don't start getting questions we will take it off the blog. 2. We have a video I'm going to put up later about a village we made out of our living room. So stay tuned! :) 3. We may start having weekly photo contests but I'm not sure yet.What do you think about it?4.There are 5 days left to vote on the poll.  I guess that's all for now. 
❤ Sissy

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