Monday, June 27, 2016

Saige at the Pond

We finally moved! That means I was able to get the rest of my dolls out of their storage boxes. My foot is healed well enough that I was able to walk and take pictures of Saige at our pond. It was the first time I actually explored our pond and it's really cool and it's a great place to take pictures. 

 This picture was kind of hard to take and I'm not exactly pleased with the way it looks but I'm a photographer in training so I guess practice makes perfect.
 For some reason I really like this picture; I guess it's because of all of the detailing.
 My little brother made a "nest" and wanted to take pictures of Saige in it so he took the picture above and that is his nest.

The romper was purchased at Target last summer
and is the brand Our Generation, her boots are Saige's meet boots and her hair bow was purchased at a little bow place by my house.

I hope you enjoyed this photo shoot and be prepared for more to come since I'm healing and I am finally moved!!

Luv Ya!

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