Sunday, July 6, 2014

Daisy Chain Award!

I was given this award by the amazing The Pony Tale Sisters

The rules are to answer the questions and nominate 5 people and give them 6-8 questions to answer.


1. Who is your favorite historical doll? Out of the ones I own Julie and Rebecca. I don't own Kit or Ruthie but I really love them.
2. Do you prefer photostories or photoshoots? Photoshoots
3. Do any of your dolls come from foreign places, or are all from the same country as you? They are all from the the United States.
4. Do you like making craft tutorials? YES!
5. Do you sew/knit/crochet for your dolls? I sew for my dolls all the time!
6. Where do you like to get your doll clothes? Most of the time I make them but I get some from thrift stores and jazz them up and I get them at American Girl, Target, and Walmart.
7. Have you ever taken your dolls on trips with you? I take at least one doll on every trip I go on. :)

Everyone else I was going to nominate had already done it so if you want you can say I nominated you and link your post back here and comment!

1. How many dolls do you have?
2. Is there a MAG that looks like you?
3. Would you rather post a hair tutorial or a craft tutorial?
4. Do you make clothes for your dolls?
5. Do you like indoor or outdoor photoshoots better?
6. Do you have an AGtube channel?

Luv Ya!

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