Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Officially Summer!

  Friday was my last day of school so I rested a lot this weekend so I could do some fun things this week! I planned on a photo shoot but when I woke up it was pouring down rain so I am going to have to wait. I have a new YouTube video uploaded so you should check it out. With so many accounts (YouTube, Etsy, Blogger, Instagram) it's hard to keep up, so I am trying very hard and hopefully will have a schedule going soon.

  My Etsy shop is up but I am not giving out the name until a later date. I have some very pretty dresses (not trying to brag) posted that I really want to keep. Hopefully by next week I can give you the name so you can check it out. I only have four things listed so I need to get busy! :) If you have any requests comment below! :) I have posted a few pictures of some listings on our Instagram (officialluvofdolls) for you to see!

Luv Ya!

PS: Sorry again for no posts I had LOTS of studying to do for my exams. I missed you while I was gone!!!



  1. Yay! Happy Summer! I was done last Wednesday, and I'm bored silly! :)


    1. I wish I got out Wednesday! Don't worry you won't be bored much longer I have some awesome summer crafts planned! :)