Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MagNeoBio Award

Thank you The Pony Tales Sisters for this award!


1. If you could get any one thing from AG, what would you get?
2. Would you ever open an Etsy shop for dolls? I was planning on it being a surprise but I will be opening one this summer.
3. Have you ever made stop motion videos? Yes, but I don't like any of the ones that I made.
4. Do your dolls have any pets? Yes, I have the original Coconut.
5. Do you like sewing clothes or buying them? I like to buy clothes that are to complicated to make.
6. Have you ever made any food for your dolls? Yes, I do it all the time.
7. Do your dolls live in a house or on a shelf? House
8. Do you like photo-shoots or photo-stories? Photo shoots
9. What would your next doll be? Kit or Ruthie
10. Who was your first doll? Julie Albright

I nominate 

The Questions
1. Who was your first doll?
2. What is your favorite (doll related) thing to blog about?
3. Do you have an InnerStarU?
4. Do you like to photograph or video your dolls?
5. What's your favorite color?
6. Will you ever create an Etsy?
7. What's your favorite subject in school?
8. Do you have a doll Instagram account?
9. Would you rather buy doll items from the store or make them?
10. Do you play any sports?

When you answer the questions comment please! :)
Luv Ya!


  1. Sorry to have spoiled your surprise. :-{ I hope you have fun with the shop, though! (I'm working on doing one myself, but it's taking awhile).

    ~Mama Hen

    1. It's perfectly fine! If I really wanted it to be such a big secret I would have said something like "you'll have to wait and see." :) And when your shop is up and running please tell me! :)