Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saige Book Review!

Hello lovely people! Today I am going to be doing a book review of the book I just finished, Saige. I read this book for a school project even though it is under my grade level and absolutely LOVED it! If you don't know about it or you don't know who Saige is she is GOTY 2013 and loves to paint and ride horses. It has 124 pages and not very many pictures (which I am okay with). I don't want to give this whole book away so I am going to give you a summary. At Saige's school every other year they switch back and forth from art class to music class and this year they have music. Saige is very sad because they don't have art so she wants to find away to have an after school art class. She goes and talks to Mimi about it and she suggests raising money at the balloon fiesta. That is all that I am going to give you so that I don't ruin the book. For school I had to create s shirt that the main character (Saige) would wear, but right now my teacher has it so she can grade it and once I get it back I will post a picture.

Luv Ya!

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