Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to school! How to make a doll folder!

Duct tape
the keep and return labels ( at the end of this post)

  1.  cut four strips the same length (I prefer about 3 and a half inches)

 2. fold 2 together and try to make them more even than I did :)
 3. take the 2 sets that you folded together and lay them on top of each other

 just like this. Now take an other 4 pieces and repeat steps 1 and 2 for the pocket
4. now lay the 2 out flat on top of a piece of duct tape, where the duct tape is in the middle of the 2
5. make sure that the tape isn't showing through like in the picture below
 6. printout these labels or make your own for the pockets inside.
 Here is how mine turned out. I made my labels with my typewriter.
 The inside.

Here is Caroline with the folder.

Hope you love it!


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