Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paige's Crazy Hair!

"I need my hair done," said Paige.
" Can you do my hair please," asked Paige. "Sure,"replied Julie.
 After a lot of brushing
and adding a headband
 Then the two girls hugged and said good bye
"I love my new hair!"

The End!

This was my first ever picture story and I made it at 10:30 at night so I was kind of tired but, I hope you enjoyed. If you have a picture story you want to share email us! 


The dress Paige is wearing I made and it is called the Tribal Dress
The dress Julie is wearing is Ann Loren and cost about $20
The styling chair is from Our Generation about $26
For hair styling tips check out the Hair Styling Tips page

Luv Ya!

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