Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ok so here is the deal I am tired of writing post all the time saying "oh I'm sorry for not posting I was busy", "sorry on vacation," "Sorry had lots of chores", it drives me cray cray because I feel like I make a post like that once a week and I bet you are tired of it too. So here is hopefully my final post saying that. The past couple of days I have had to baby sit my siblings, do chores, and do lots of stuff to get ready for school ( making sure my room is all clean, giving away clothes that don't fit to get ready for new ones, and reading a book for school). So I a going to delete those posts unless they have some important info in them. If you go a couple of days without a post from me I am sorry. School comes first then blogging. I hope you understand. I am NOT taking a break but, things can get in the way and take up all of your time. If you get bored on those days when I am not posting please be sure and check out our other pages. Say that you do a hair style from hair care page send us a picture and we will put it on our blog! I know this was a very boring post but thanks for reading it any ways. If you ever have any ideas for the blog please tell us we don't get much feed back and we would love to here it! One last thing, should we start having photo contests like those other blogs?


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  1. I have I think 11 followers on my blog and my goal right now is to get to 20 followers then wants I get 20 my new goal is 30 and do fourth. I want to do photo contests on my blog but I probably won't until I get 50 followers! I have some followers that I call Dead Followers lol and those are the followers that haven't posted anything pnthereblog seance 2010 and havent commented on anything from my blog in a decade and just seems like the stopped blogging! Haha you could also call them zombie followers! Lol anyways I'm just saying that I wouldn't start it unless I KNOW that there are girls out there who would send in a picture! Lol Also I would send you pictures too! Thanks for reading this! -Meghan at