Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to school!

Hey has anyone started school yet? When do you start? What grade are you going into? I start on August 26, and I'm super excited! If you have seen my part of the About Us page you know I love school. One problem that I haven't had before at the beginning of the school is blogging. I really hope that I have time for it. So please don't panic if you go a few days with out seeing a post from me. Oh! I almost forgot I made a new header for the blog and it's school themed! Each season or holiday I will change it and if you send in a picture it could possibly be on the header. Tomorrow I am going school supply shopping and next week I am going school clothes shopping. Maybe I can make a post about it even though its not related to dolls. In honor of school starting I added how to make a doll desk on the crafts and more page! When do you think I should put up the new header? (btw when I ask questions on my posts the only reason I do is so I can get your opinion, not to be annoying. Your opinion means a lot to us because we know people are actually reading our posts) :)

Luv Ya!